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Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution by Relocating to Mexico

People often dream about moving to a foreign country but do not always make it happen; it is our opinion that some of the most common New Year’s resolutions could be achieved by relocating to Mexico. We took a look at 10 of the most common New Year’s resolutions for 2019, and the best way to keep these resolutions.

  1. Save money and spend less
    It is a well-known fact that Mexico offers a less expensive, better quality of life than the rest of North America. You will spend far less money on housing, condo fees, property tax, food, and transportation. In Mexico, top quality healthcare and dental treatments are available at a fraction of the cost. Stretch your dollar further by moving to Mexico.
  2. Eat healthier
    Find healthier options, fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables including many vegetarian and vegan options. Eco markets offer a wide variety of organic food. Eat fresh, shop locally.
  3. Lose weight and get fit
    There is no shortage of yoga studios, and some offer classes on a donation basis. From yoga retreats, Tai Chi, Zumba, 24-hour gyms to CrossFit you can find all your fitness needs in Mexico. As well, many condominium complexes come equipped with fitness centers and swimming pools. Walking the beach at sunrise could be part of your daily regime.
  4. Learn a new skill
    Learn to speak Spanish
    Scuba diving certification
    Salsa lessons
    Visit Sayulita or Puerto Escondido and learn to surf.
  5. More quality time with friends and family
    Most cities in Mexico have a well-established expat community where you can create new friendships and participate in activities and events. With proximity to the U.S. and Canada and frequent nonstop flights, family members will be regular visitors to your new Mexican home.
  6. Get organized
    When you decide to move to Mexico you are forced to purge and declutter; you can not bring it all with you. You become somewhat of a minimalist and what better way to get organized that to get rid of excess stuff.
  7. Be happy
    There are many facets to happiness, but one easy fix is sunshine, There is a long list of health benefits we receive from the sun, but one is serotonin which elevates our mood and good feelings. Lack of sunshine can induce seasonal affective disorder.
  8. Travel
    Travel through Mexico and discover the history, culture, and spectacular scenery. Once you are settled in Mexico, it is easy to travel to different states and explore the non-tourist side of Mexico.
  9. Give back
    The feeling you get when you give back is fantastic; volunteering is good for your well being, and it connects you to like-minded people. Non-profits are desperate for volunteers. Teaching English at local schools, fundraising or working with the local animal shelter, there are options for anyone who wants to make a difference.
  10. Reduce stress
    By achieving all of the above, you will naturally reduce your stress level. Also living by the ocean and can significantly improve your health and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Swimming in the sea provides a full body workout, improves your immune system, lung issues, muscle pain, and hydrates your skin.

A lower cost of living, a laid back lifestyle, the ocean, sand, sun and quality healthcare make it easy to achieve your resolutions in Mexico.