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5 Ways to Ensure Peace of Mind Living in Mexico

Be Legal

Many foreigners do not complete their immigration process and continue to come and go as tourists. This adds extra stress and risk entering Mexico, foreigners who travel to other borders such as Belize may end up paying a bribe to come back into Mexico with another tourist visa. Immigration officers appear at random checkpoints on the highway and other public locations checking for illegal residents. To avoid the anxiety and possible deportation, speak to immigration@mexlaw.com.mx about the benefits of being legal in Mexico.

Be Insured

It is essential for your peace of mind to have medical insurance; there are first-rate doctors and clinics here in Mexico and reasonably priced private health insurance. If you have a vehicle in Mexico, it is mandatory to have auto insurance, and if you are involved in a serious accident, you may go to jail until blame is placed. Purchase auto insurance that covers a bail bond and legal representation. Lastly, review your home insurance to avoid any unexpected expenses and protect your investment.

Pay Your Taxes

If you are employed in Mexico, own a business, or use your home as a vacation rental it is important you claim your income. MEXLAW accounting services can help you process your tax obligations and legalities required for your corporation. Part-time residents can be assured their real estate or business finances are in good hands while out of the country.

Protect Your Investment with Mexican Estate Planning

Completing your estate planning in Mexico gives you peace of mind that your estate will be handled according to your direction. Without a Mexican Will, the state may distribute your property as they see fit. Your foreign Will is recognized in Mexico, but it will take time and money to have it verified, it is advisable to consult MEXLAW regarding a Mexican Will.

Go to the Beach

It is scientifically proven that being near the ocean has several health benefits, swimming in salt water and breathing sea mist boosts your immune system,  improves circulation and promotes overall well-being.

Besides the obvious health benefits of exercise by swimming and walking in the sand, there are many other reasons to get to the beach. The sun provides us with vitamin D, and sea contains minerals, vitamins, and microorganisms that create antibacterial and antibiotic effects on the immune system. The minerals are absorbed and the disease causing toxins are released from the body. According to Livingstrong.com swimming in the sea activates the body’s healing mechanisms to fight inflammation, asthma, arthritis, and bronchitis. Magnesium depresses nerves to relieve nervous irritability aiding in reducing stress and a better sleep, according to wellness author J.I. Rondale. The iodine found in the sea water helps to boost the thyroid function and among other benefits destroy bacteria and fungus on your skin.